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   Monday, April 22 2024 

Online Poker Books

If you want to know more about online poker, whether you want to learn more about poker history, poker strategy or how to play online poker games, Poker 777 is the place for you! Take a look at our poker books selection, their ratings and reviews for your convenience. Just click on the book you want for ordering information!

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The Badass Girl's Guide to Poker: All You Need to Beat the Boys

Toby Leah Bochan


"Poker is equal parts seduction, lie-detection, and mind game. Now tell me why it's always been considered a man's domain. As informative and practical as it is fun to read, The Badass Girl's Guide to Poker serves as an invitation to women around the world."
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List Price : $9.95   Our Price:$9.95

Shut Up and Deal : A Novel

Jesse May


"Few poker players can write, and even fewer writers can play poker. Jesse May is a rare master of both infernal arts."
- Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal: A Year as a Professional Poker Player

"A marvelous read, easily the best narrative I have ever read on poker. Through his characters, their language, astonishingly insightful and engrossing anecdotes, Jesse May has opened a window for the outside world to see, through a sunglass clearly, into the incredibly exciting, gut-wrenching, roller-coaster ride of the 'silver platter life on wheels' world of the modern professional poker player.'"
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List Price : $15.00   Our Price:$15.00

The Poker MBA: Winning in Business No Matter What Cards You're Dealt

Greg Dinkin, Jeffrey Gitomer

Praise for THE POKER MBA

"You can deal yourself a winning hand in business. The first card you deal yourself is to buy this book. The second card is to read it at least once. The third card is to get its principles under your skin. Now you're on your way to a royal flush. The last part is the best. Just rake in your winnings. Try not to laugh out loud."
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Our Price:$23.95

Blackbelt in Blackjack : Playing 21 as a Martial Art

Arnold Snyder

Playing 21 as a martial art

This new REVISED and EXPANDED edition of Arnold Snyder's 1983 classic reveals for the first time ever how blackjack players can beat today's highly sophisticated casinos.

Snyder says: "Today's casinos environment is nothing like it was fifteen years ago. It took them 20 years to do it, but the pit and surveillance personnel finally recognize the traditional card counting strategies when they see them. Players today need camouflage techniques that work in the tough 6- and 8-deck show games that proliferate. Traditional counting strategies are fine for nickel ($5.00) bettors, but if you're going to start pumping some real money onto the felt, you won't last more than a few hours in most casinos today. The big money pros are staying alive with two primary methods of attack - tracking and teaming. These card counting strategies are nearly impossible for the casinos to detect."
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List Price : $16.95   Our Price:$11.53

Best Blackjack

Frank Scoblete

Let Scoblete Make You A Winner!

People play blackjack for fun. But it's more fun to play for profit. Now you can do both! Best Blackjack shows you how.

In precise, easy-to-understand, straightforward language, Frank Scoblete, gaming's premier authority, shows you how to beat the most popular table game in the casinos today. Everything you need to know to become an expert blackjack player in this book, including basic strategies for single- and multiple-deck games; powerful but easy-to-master card-counting techniques for Face-up or Double Exposure blackjack and for Multiple Action blackjack. You'll learn the secrets of beating new options such as Over-Under 12, Red-Black21, Super Sevens, Jackpot 21 and much more. You'll learn money-management techniques that will stretch you bankroll and make you a real threat to the casinos' bottom line.
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List Price : $14.95   Our Price:$10.17

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