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   Saturday, March 02 2024 

Online Poker Books

If you want to know more about online poker, whether you want to learn more about poker history, poker strategy or how to play online poker games, Poker 777 is the place for you! Take a look at our poker books selection, their ratings and reviews for your convenience. Just click on the book you want for ordering information!

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Fundamentals of Poker (Fundamentals)

Mason Malmuth, Lynne Loomis

WELCOME to the Fundamentals series... a set of books designed to provide you with the basics of the four most popular casino games. These books give you the skills necessary not only to obtain the best possible edge but also to get the most fun out of your gambling dollar.

Fundamentals of Craps: The only information you'll ever need for learning to play this exciting, fast-paced casino game.
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List Price : $5.95   Our Price:$5.95

Poker Aces

Ron Rose, Mary Jo Rose

When Ron Rose began playing tournament poker in 2000, he knew the names of all of the pros but nothing more. After playing for a while, h e got to know most of them and found that they had plenty of interesting tales to tell.

When he started winning tournaments and especially after televised poker exploded onto the scene, Ron discovered that the fans had a lot of questions for him and the other players about how they got started, why they got started and what they were all about.
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List Price : $29.95   Our Price:$19.77

Poker Tournament Strategies

Sylvester Suzuki

By Sylvester Suzuki

Poker tournaments are very different from conventional poker games, and there are very few players who excel at both. But it can be done!

There are many reasons for these differences. The most important ones are: The chips change value due to the fact that most tournaments are "percentage payback." Rebuys are available early on. And, many players over adjust their playing strategy because they are away that after the rebuy period you cannot purchase more chips.
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List Price : $19.95   Our Price:$13.57

Thursday Night Poker: How to Understand, Enjoy and Win

Peter O. Steiner

Play the hand you're dealt - and win!

Intended for the serious weekly-to-monthly player, Thursday-Night Poker will save players hundreds of dollars over the course of a single year with chapters on:
• Calculating probabilities and estimating odds
• Bluffing and avoiding being bluffed
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List Price : $17.95   Our Price:$12.21

Win at Video Poker: The Guide to Beating the Poker Machines

Roger Fleming

Win at Video Poker

Win at Video Poker offers wagering tips, tactics, and advice for players at every skill level.

The slot machine is ubiquitous from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo and at all points in between. Starting as a simple machine with revolving bands featuring cherries and lemons, the slot has evolved into the video poker machine, which is gaining widespread popularity. The challenge to the player is to match a modicum of skill along with luck in order to garner the rewards.
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List Price : $12.00   Our Price:$9.60

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