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   Monday, April 22 2024 

Poker Shuffling

How to tell if Online Shuffling is Secure

Your security in a card game is not less important than your security in other aspects of life. Secured shuffling is just what you need to be able to sigh with relief. How does the online shuffling works? When the hands can no longer do the job, an algorithm takes over. This algorithm takes 52 elements and rearranges them randomly. This process has been given a name of Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG). The deck of cards is virtually represented by a variable (seed) that emanates 52 statistically random numbers. The shuffling security, as we, at know it is much dependant on the seed size and its encryption is similar to the document encryption. To enhance your security level, what you need is to check the type of PRNG, since linear type precipitates predictability and non-linear one may be biased. The last but not the least, is the key source. What you are looking for is a casual data source. Well, that's about it; have a safe game!!!

An online shuffle works on the basis of an algorithm that takes 52 elements and arranges them in a random order. This is known as a Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG), which is given a variable called a 'seed' to produce the 52 statistically random numbers that represent the deck of cards. The seed size is crucial to shuffling security and is encrypted much in the same way as documents are encrypted. The type of PRNG used is also a security factor, due to the predictability of linear PRNG's and the possibility of bias in non-linear PRNG's. The third factor to check is the key source, which must come from casual data sources in order to be secure.

When checking for security, a seed 226 bits in size can account for all possible shuffles. As for PRNG's, it is best to use a non-linear PRNG rather than a linear PRNG designed only for encryption or simulation purposes. In order for a key to be secure, the only completely casual sources of data are closed system hardware devices, background noise, and radioactive decay. Here at, we ask you to beware since other sources compromise the key's security.

It is difficult to judge the full extent of a site's security, but it is possible to identify possible faults which can help give a good indication of the quality of the security system. On the card room's website, take the advice of; always look for a page detailing the key and seed size, the source of data used to generate the seed, and the type of PRNG. As a general rule, the more specific the information a site gives detailing their shuffling procedures, the more confident they are in their security system.

You can be fairly certain that card rooms which use large seeds and casual sources of data stand virtually no chance of being manipulated by a hacker.

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