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   Wednesday, January 19 2022 
Blackbelt in Blackjack : Playing 21 as a Martial Art

Arnold Snyder

Playing 21 as a martial art

This new REVISED and EXPANDED edition of Arnold Snyder's 1983 classic reveals for the first time ever how blackjack players can beat today's highly sophisticated casinos.

Snyder says: "Today's casinos environment is nothing like it was fifteen years ago. It took them 20 years to do it, but the pit and surveillance personnel finally recognize the traditional card counting strategies when they see them. Players today need camouflage techniques that work in the tough 6- and 8-deck show games that proliferate. Traditional counting strategies are fine for nickel ($5.00) bettors, but if you're going to start pumping some real money onto the felt, you won't last more than a few hours in most casinos today. The big money pros are staying alive with two primary methods of attack - tracking and teaming. These card counting strategies are nearly impossible for the casinos to detect."

Shuffle tracking, as the name implies, is the ability to "track" clumps of high cards from one shuffle to the next. Snyder first revealed many of the pros' secrets of tracking in a three part series in Blackjack Forum magazine. Now, in this new edition of Blackbelt in Blackjack, he simplifies and expands on the secrets of segment tracking, the most difficult card counting strategy for the casinos to detect.

Teaming, or team play, is any joint attack on the blackjack tables by two or more card counters. Various teaming methods have been successfully employed against the casinos for more than two decades. In this expanded edition of Blackbelt in Blackjack, Arnold Snyder reveals the various types of teaming, with details on how players can utilize these methods to foil the casino counter-catchers.

This all-new edition of Blackbelt in Blackjack also covers the myriad of new rules that have appeared since 1983, and describes the high-tech surveillance techniques the casinos are using to identify and eliminate card counters.
Blackbelt in Blackjack is the one book you need in today's tougher casino environment. Get your "Blackbelt" and turn your bets into lethal weapons.

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