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   Thursday, July 18 2024 

Online Poker Guide: Winning Money

When you're playing poker, remember that winning pots, and even winning big pots isn't all there is to the game. In fact, the most important thing when you're playing poker is winning money. And part of winning money is avoiding losing money. If you have a lousy hand, and you stay in all the way to the end, then unless your opponents all buy your bluff and none of them has a good hand, you will lose.

So rule #1, only stay in on a hand you can reasonably expect to win. While you may be able to scare off some players with a good bluff, it'll only take you so far. If you think your opponent has two pairs, and you have a low pair, you're better off folding early than losing late and bolstering someone else's win. Once you've decided you have a chance at winning, be aggressive. Remember not to be too aggressive, because you don't want everyone to fold right away. Always be aware of the other players. You need to be thinking about three things at all times: what your opponent might have, what your opponent thinks you have, and what your opponent thinks that you think he has. You need to estimate whether you can beat the opponent's hand. If you can't, you need to convince him that you know what he has and can beat it. But remember, you can only go so far on a bluff.

The important thing to remember about Poker is that your odds are about 50/50 of getting a decent hand. If you get a good hand, you have to play it for all it's worth, and if you get a bad hand, you need to minimize your loss. That way, you'll have the best chance of walking away from the day's competitions with money in your bank.

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