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   Saturday, April 13 2024 

Online Poker Guide: Types of Players

The main two types of players that you'll find in an online casino are loose players and tight players.

Loose players will play almost every hand. They will usually play the hand conservatively, but they are generally unwilling to fold, even if their chances of winning are low. When you encounter a loose player, the easiest way to win is to play a little tighter than they do. Since they will almost always stay in, you can count on them to match your raises if you have a good hand. Be sure to let them win sometimes so that they will continue their loose pattern of play.

Sometimes you'll encounter the opposite - players who play too tight.

When a player plays too tight, he or she is giving up a lot of information. You know that the player is only staying in if they have a good hand. It's usually not worth trying to beat out a tight player. If they've decided that their hand is good, they're unlikely to give it up later. If your hand is good, you may win, but if your hand is average, you should fold for a tight player.

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