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   Wednesday, April 24 2024 

poker popularity is proud to present the ultimate popular poker game of the new generation!

Poker seems to be popular these days. In Britain, the land of poker and other casino games, it seems like poker is inescapable! Starting from gambling magazines sold on a wide scale, men's magazines endorsing gambling, moving on to grand stadium billboards, shirt sponsorship and even real celebrities confessing their unbridled passion for poker and other casino games, it seems like gambling is everywhere! That, coupled with 30 foot advertisements posted around the London's Underground stations, makes it very difficult to ignore the new trend.

You’d think that this means that poker is already as popular as it is ever going to get. You’d think that people have seen all the advertisements that they can possibly stand. You might even think that more advertisement would only be overkill. But experts in the UK are saying that many potential online gamblers haven’t been reached. According to statistics, only a small percentage of the gambling population is actively indulging in online poker. The number of gamblers in Britain is expected to increase this year, but not at the rates of previous years.

To widen the online poker market, we at believe online poker proprietors will have to provide localized versions of their casinos. While most Europeans speak English, apparently, that isn’t enough. In different European countries, the standards for interfaces vary, apart from just language differences. Online gamblers will feel more comfortable on websites which not only speak their language, but cater to their particular expectations in terms of graphics and environment. Some might feel more comfortable with casino sites which require you to download poker games, while others may prefer games that can be played with no download.

While many poker players hail from Scandinavian countries, Germany and Australia are known for having many land-based poker clubs. Many new card parlors have recently been launched in Dublin, as well. Clearly, there is a whole community of gamblers which e-gaming operators have not yet tapped into.

To tap into this market, we at have been informed that the large brands plan to create massive online and offline poker tournaments throughout Europe, using large bonus prizes to attract new players. By 2005, the poker tournaments will show their effects, and there will be masses of new poker players in the online casinos. But there are pitfalls to this tactic. The European court of justice has recently been debating over the prohibition of foreign betting services, and trying to determine the level of supervision needed for online gambling. Most of the online casinos have not yet fallen victim to this scrutiny, but in the Netherlands, the Dutch Minister of Justice has announced that illegal betting will be thoroughly prosecuted. In any case, the eyes of gamblers world-wide are focused on the UK Gambling Bill, and lovers of internet games throughout the European Union hope that their governments will adopt the open-minded approach of the UK.

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