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   Friday, March 01 2024 

Poker Chips Guide

How many poker chips are enough?
The exact number can be calculated by assessing the number of guests attending the poker party you are throwing. You want to make sure you have at least 35 chips for every poker player, but if you're planning on playing some serious poker games. purchase 50 to 100 chips. If you are hosting between 3 and 4 people, 300 poker chips altogether should do the job and five to six people will need to have at least 400 chips. Got the math? Always make sure that plenty of chips are available for your guests.

What type of chips will suit your group best?
If your home poker night is solely for a tight circle of close friends and you don't want to squander too much money on the poker equipment, buy plastic chips. Those would be cheapest, but still not totally lacking a touch of authentic casino poker. On the other hand, if you wish to impress your guests, step up from the plastic chips to composite clay ones. If your clay composite chips are of good quality, assures you they may actually have no perceivable difference from the clay ones used in real casinos. Clay poker chips are of the most expensive kind and they would bring you and your friends as close as possible to a real casino experience, something that cheaper counterparts are simply unable to attain.

What is the function of chip colors?
Chip colors are in fact essential for playing poker, since they represent different cash denominations. Below, we've listed the various chip colors and their respective denominations. The 5 most common chip colors found in casinos comprise the first list and the complete gamut of poker chips comprise the second.

Basic Poker Chip Colors and Poker Chip Values:
White poker chips = $1, Red poker chips = $5, Blue poker chips = $10, Green poker chips = $25, Black poker chips = $100,

Complete Poker Chip Colors and Poker Chip Values:
White poker chips = $1, Yellow poker chips = $2, Red poker chips = $5, Blue poker chips = $10, Grey poker chips = $20, Green poker chips = $25, Orange poker chips = $50, Black poker chips = $100, Pink poker chips = $250, Purple poker chips = $500, Burgundy poker chips = $1000, Light Blue poker chips = $2000, Brown poker chips = $5000 It is normal to find either 100 White poker chips, 200 Red chips, 50 Green poker chips, and 50 Black chips or 150 White poker chips, 150 Red chips, 50 Green poker chips, and 50 Black chips in a 400 poker chip set.

Though there may be some variation as to which color stands for which value at certain casinos, the above list reflects what is generally accepted in most casinos.

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