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   Sunday, March 07 2021 
Stepping Up: The Recreational Player's Guide to Beating Casino and Internet Poker

Randy Burgess

"I have learned from this book, and I believe you will also. It's a 'thinking about poker' book you'll hope your opponents won't read!"
- Roy West, Card Player columnist and author of "Seven Card Stud: The Complete Course in Winning at Medium and Lower Limits."

Step up to public Poker - and win!

What does it really take to win at low-limit hold'em and stud, whether in a public card room or on the Internet? For the first time ever, a book for beginning to intermediate players dares to teach you the advanced skills that top players use to dominate high-limit games - skills which are just as effective when you're first starting out:

• Reading opponents and how they play their hands - your most important poker weapon, even at low limits. Much of this material has never before appeared in print.
• Practical lessons in poker theory, including how to calculate odds and outs at the table even if you're not a math whiz.
• Key differences between home poker and public poker - worth reviewing even if you're already a casino regular.
• Tips on how to practice with software and micro-limit play on the Internet, plus rating of the best books for learning basic strategy in hold'em, stud, and high-low games.
• Plus chapters on tells, categorizing opponents, avoiding mistakes, coping with tilt, refining your game, and more.

There is no other poker book quite like this. For many players, it may be the most important book in beginning their poker career.

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