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   Sunday, March 07 2021 
Bringing Down the House : The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions

Ben Mezrich

Advance Praise for Bringing Down the House

"In this high-octane tale with rich, sharp dialogue bordering on Elmore Leonard turf, the plot races by at a Nascar pace and the characters on both sides of the table are as real as an inside straight, making their moves and planning their scores like a croupier on speed. Take the odds, bet the bank, and stare down the dealer. Bringing Down the House is a can't-miss deal."
- Lorenzo Carcaterra, author of Gangster and Street Boys

"Ben Mezrich takes us where every man dreams of going but precious few ever have - beating the casino. In this rollicking truth-is-stranger-than fiction tale, Robin Hood meets the Rat Pack as the hero steals from the rich and gives, um, to himself. Odds are you'll love it."
- Michael Capuzzo, New York Times Bestselling author of Close to Shore

Excerpts from Bringing Down the House

"Kevin reached for three five-hundred-dollar chips, then glanced around, pretending to look for the cocktail waitress. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his Spotter. Red-haired, pretty, wearing a low cut blouse and too much makeup. Nobody would have guessed she was a former MIT mechanical-engineering major and an honors student at Harvard Business School. She was close enough to see the table but far enough away not to draw any suspicion. Kevin caught her gaze, then waited for her signal. A bent right arm would tell him to double his bed. Both arms folded and he'd push most of his chips into the betting circle. Arms flat at her sides and he'd drop down to the lowest possible bet.
"But she didn't do any of these things. Instead, she ran her right hand through her hair.
"Kevin stared at her, making sure he had read her right. Then he quickly started to gather up his chips....
"A hand in the hair meant only one thing. Get out. Get moving. Now."

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