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   Saturday, July 13 2024 
Weighing the Odds in HoldA’em Poker

King Yao

Foundation Chapters
• Players - How to identify and attack different player personalities
• Expected Value - The basics of Expected Value in Poker
• Outs - An expectation of outs, non outs, unknown cards and how to count outs
• Pot Odds - How to figure out pot odds quickly and accurately at the table
• Position - Different positions have different values

Strategic Chapters
• Raising for Free Cards - When and against whom to raise for free cards
• Bluffing - When to bluff and when to induce your opponents to bluff
• Semi-Bluffing - The importance and value of semi-bluffing at the right time
• Slowplaying and Check-Raising - When to use these deceptive strategies

Hand Development Chapters
• Starting Hands - How, when, and against whom to play different hands
• The Flop - How to evaluate the Flop and how to proceed accordingly
• The Turn - What to think about on the Turn and looking ahead to the River
• The River - How to make decisions based on your opponent's playing style and your chance of having the best hand

Extra Topics
• Shorthanded Limit Hold'em - How shorthanded Hold'em differs from a full game
• Shorthanded Common Mistakes - How to avoid mistakes and adjust correctly
• Online Poker - How poker on the Internet differs from brick-and-mortar poker

About the Author

King Yao has been playing poker since he was ten. He worked for Susquehanna Partners as a derivatives trader from 1992 to 2000, where he spent nearly as much time playing poker as he did trading. His trading experiences includes equity options, equity index options, currency options, commodity options, and mortgage derivatives. King quit his trader job in 2000 to play poker and other gambling games. This book is a result of what he has learned about Hold'em along the way.

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