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Mercoledì 17 July 2019 

Launched in 1999, by entrepreneurs from software engineering, multi-media, and casino industries, Playtech has developed a unified software platform for the online gambling industry. The platform supports Online Casino, Bingo, Poker, Fixed-Odds Games, and Live Gaming, allowing operators to select applications and enable players to use a single account for all games in the site.

Playtech is a real innovator in online gaming! Introducing real-time game and transaction histories, Comp points scoring, and VIP ratings, Playtech is a leader in the hottest technologies. Playtech's special anti-fraud software ensures that there is no player-dealer collusion.

In terms of interface, there's no beating Playtech! Offerings include real human dealers on streaming video, animated bonus stages, online support in real-time. Playtech's casinos feel like the real thing, so much so that Golden Palace and Christchurch casinos have chosen Playtech's technology to run their casinos!

With the constant growth and changes in the online casino industry, it's important to have a company like Playtech, growing with your online casino, adapting to each audience's needs, while never forgetting the ever-changing and crucial security issues!
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