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   Monday, July 22 2024 

Deuces Wild Poker

If you’re interested in Deuces Wild Poker, you can learn all about it from us, here at . Deuces Wild is a common variation on standard poker. Players are dealt five cards, after which they are able to exchange one, two, three, four, or all five cards for different cards from the dealer’s pile in order to make the best possible five-card poker hand.

When the game is played on a poker machine or online, payouts for each possible hand are displayed. At a real table, the best hand wins, as in standard poker. The main difference between Deuces Wild and standard poker is that the deuces (twos) are "wild," meaning they can be used as a card of any value. They can even be the fifth of “five of a kind.”

If you win a hand of Deuces Wild, you have a few options, which are unique to the Deuces Wild variety of poker.

You can collect your winnings, as in regular poker, or you can opt to Double or Half Double

If you choose to Double, the dealer will draw five cards. The first is an open card, and it is the dealer’s card. Of the other four, you can choose whichever card you’d like, and that is your card. If your card is higher than the dealer’s card, you can either double again or collect the new prize, which is now double your previous winnings.

If your card has the same value as the dealer’s card, you can choose to collect or you can try to double your winnings again.
If your card is lower than the dealer’s card, you will lose all of your winnings.

A Half-Double is a way of increasing your winnings without gambling as much. A half-double is played the same way as a regular double, but it is played against half of your winnings, meaning that if you lose, you only lose half of your winnings, but if you win, you only double half of your winnings.

Many casinos have a limit of $1000-$2000 on doubling. If your winnings reach the limit, you'll have to collect your winnings and stop doubling.

Remember that doubling is as random as a roll of the dice. You can lose all your winnings if a double doesn’t work out.

In Deuces Wild Video Poker, the payout schedule varies from machine to machine. Some machines, called Full-pay machines give 9 coins for a straight flush and 5 coins for 4-of-a-kind, Partial-pay machines will only give you 4 coins for 4-of-a-kind.

Our experts at recommend that you be sure to check the pay schedule on the video poker machine you’re playing on before you start your game. Different machines have different prize schedules and each machine has its own bonus structure.

Deuces Wild Strategy

Strategy for Deuces Wild is very different from the strategy for Jacks Plus Poker. In Deuces Wild Poker, it is often wise to throw away all five cards. In about a fifth of the hands dealt, the best decision is to throw away the whole hand.
The basic strategy depends on how many Deuces you have.
If you have none, hold any good hand, except always draw to a 4-card royal flush, 4-card straight flush (even an inside draw, because you could get a deuce even if you don’t get the right card), 3-card royal flush, one pair (if you have two pairs, discard one, it doesn’t matter if it’s the higher one, every 3-of-a-kind pays), any 4-card flush, or open 4-card straight, any 3-card straight flush and any inside draws, (for example, J-10, Q-J, Q-10, K-Q, K-J, K-10 suited). Never hold just one card, except if it's a deuce.
If you have one deuce, you should hold pat hands, but draw to a 4-card royal, any 4-card straight flush including inside draws, or 3-card royal. Keep an ace high only if you have at least one other card in that suit, for example an ace and jack of diamonds. Do not hold an ace and a jack if they aren’t the same suit. Straights don’t pay off well Be sure to draw for any two parts of a straight flush 6-7 or higher. Don’t hold just one card and the deuce.
If you have two deuces, hold 4-of-a-kind or better, any 4-card royal, or any open ended straight flush ending at 6 or higher). It’s not worth holding a possible straight flush lower than 6, to form A-2-3-4-5 straight flush because then the deuce is just a regular two. Don’t hold just one card and the deuces.
If you have three deuces, you should hold a wild royal flush, any high 5-of-a-kind (anything over 10). If it’s under 10, discard it, because there are more high cards in the deck, giving you a better chance of getting 4 deuces or a wild royal, and giving you a better payout
If you have four deuces, hold all five cards.
Never hold three cards unless it’s 3-of-a-kind, a straight flush, or a royal draw.

Deuces Wild Poker Tips

The experts at have put together some tips to help you beef up your Deuces Wild skill. Be sure to play a few free games before you use these tips, so you can get a handle on the game before putting our advice to use. . Many online casinos offer play-for-free options, which are a great way to practice your online poker skills before jumping into real money play!

  • If you’re playing online Deuces Wild Video Poker, one way to increase your winnings is to bet the maximum bet. Different machines have different bet values. Choose one at which your desired bet is the max bet. For example, if you want to bet around 5 dollars, choose a game which is set for $1, and bet the max bet of $5. Regular payoffs are 5 times the payout listed on the machine, but if you get a royal flush, you get a big bonus only if you’re at the maximum bet. Since the odds stay the same, but the payouts increase, this is clearly a way to get a better payoff.
  • Be willing to throw out all five cards, should the situation call for it. Remember that if you throw out all of your cards, you increase your chances of getting a deuce.
  • Never hold only one card, unless it’s a deuce.
  • If you have one, two, or three deuces, don’t hold just one other card. If it’s not part of a set, throw it away.

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