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   Monday, May 20 2024 
Casino Montrond innovates with a new computer game

Acquired by Joa group in November 2012, the Montrond-les-Bains casino became an entertainment center in the Rhône-Alpes region. The casino is constantly innovating its offer to face competition. Since its reopening in 2014, the property offers various entertainments in the forefront of technology in terms of casino games such as slot machine, video poker and electronic roulette. The Montrond casino also offers classic games through its 225 slot machines and nine table games (3 poker tables, 3 blackjack tables, two English roulette table and 1 ball). Since last week, the Joa casino of Montrond offers a new innovative electronic game in France.

The regulars of the casino can now play the electronic wheel of fortune which arrives straight from Macau. The introduction of this tactile, interactive and unprecedented game is the result of the limbering up of the law regulating French casinos that recently allowed the introduction of new games. The objective of the government is to vary the offers in casinos and to revive the activity which experience total decline in recent years because of the economic climate and competition from online casino games. With the introduction of electronic wheel of fortune, Joa casino Montrond-les-Bains plans to attract new customers especially as this new game aims to be more interesting than wheels and slot machines.

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