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   Saturday, July 13 2024 
The alternative to gambling circle in Paris - London gaming clubs

Since the beginning of the year, the French government is seeking an alternative to the gambling circles of the French capital that have bad reputations lately. To date, only two circles still exist in Paris while they were still 11 in 2007. In February, the Minister of Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve asked the Prefect Jean-Pierre Duport, President of the Consultative Commission of circle game and casinos, to conduct a study on the establishment of casinos in Paris with the abolition of gambling circle. The report was presented on Thursday to the Minister and is expected to be announced before the summer. To avoid the risk of money laundering, tax fraud and development of clandestine deals, the Department wishes to have a legal framework by early 2016.

Two solutions were presented in the report to maintain the game offer in the French capital, the opening of a casino or the opening of gaming clubs like in London. The implementation of a casino in Paris interest the government, but this is the second option that could be adopted immediately since the 1920 law prohibits the establishment of casinos and slot machine games in a radius of 100 kilometers from Paris. The tax treatment of these "clubs" is not yet set, but it could be based on the taxation of gambling establishments without slots, what makes a casino location in the Paris region not excluded either. However, Parisian elected officials are reluctant on the amendment of the law to introduce land based casinos in the capital because of the negative image that games tend to carry in addition to the risks of addiction.

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