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   Wednesday, July 17 2024 
Pokertox: A surgery that can change your fate in poker

The reign of great players who know so well how to control their emotions at a party and who always succeed at major tournaments may approach or otherwise, more players could reach their levels. A great revolution that could perhaps allow showing less his emotions in poker was appearing. Indeed, to get rid of all facial expressions that can communicate unintended information (tells) in a poker game, the Manhattan plastic surgeon, Dr. Jack Berdy, created a new product called "Pokertox." If any player can hide his cards to his opponents, it is virtually impossible to avoid the manifestation of the "tells", that frown and wrinkle of the forehead.

Called "Pokertox", this surgery will help future patients (poker players) to hide all tells when playing this very strategic game. In other words, Pokertox aim to hide the manifestations of the playerÂ’s mood. Great poker enthusiast, Dr. Berdy hopes to attract new clients in his operating rooms while being convinced of the success of this new product. However, there is a catch because physical manifestations have been little expressive for a long time around a poker table. A great poker player is particularly interested in playing lines or sequences of bet of his opponents to gather information. Add to this the fact that many manifestations of mood does not lie in the face as foot tapping, the change of voice and breathing ... But in anyway, Pokertox surgery cost $ 700 for 4 months of effects.

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