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   Tuesday, March 28 2023 
Casino: No iPhone permitted in a Blackjack set

Henceforth, casinos are on alert. The new high range hand phone created by Apple becomes a big concern for operators working on gambling games, especially on Blackjack. It is indeed possible to introduce applications as Blackjack Card Counter, iCount or Card Counter in an iPhone and it can manage without any trouble to count cards during a set of Blackjack. According to Randall Sayre, member of the authority in charge of the control of gambling games in the State of Nevada, "when the program is used in furtive mode ' the screen of the telephone remains off, and if the user knows well the keys, the program can run without problem and without being detected ". A real advantage for its owner in a set of Blackjack.

These applications are formulated from the mathematical calculation which was established by the professor Edward Thorp who invented the new rules of Black jack, precisely the Hi-Lo system and editor of the legendary book “Beat the Dealer». Let us note that with his students, the professor have already gained more than a million of dollars on Las Vegas’ tables by using the same calculation. It is then recommended to casinos to be vigilant and strict concerning this affair. Even if the creator of the applications Card Counter, TMSoft has already clarified the illegality of the use of any iPhone during a set of Blackjack, nothing will stop persons who want to win the jackpot.

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