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Samedi 02 Mars 2024 

France: A new campaign to raise public awareness against illegal gambling

Three years after the opening and legalization of the market of online poker and online sports betting in France, the French Regulation Authority of online gambling (ARJEL) has decided to implement a new campaign to sensitize public against illegal gambling. The goal of this approach is to raise players’ awareness about the risks they may incur by addressing to these illegal operators. Advertising campaigns are already broadcasted by radio stations, TV channels as well as websites. They are also published by local newspapers. They show naked players walking after having lost all their fortune at illegal gambling. The ARJEL wants to specify in the message the dangers met by players who venture into illegal websites, such as the entire loss of gains and money inside bank accounts.

The implementation of this kind of campaign is among the missions of the ARJEL. However, there are numerous persons who wonder about the impact of this project on the development of the market of online poker, which is in full decline. The latter certainly expected to see the French regulator collaborating with its European counterparts, who make commitment to find appropriate measures to face the decline of the industry of online gambling in Europe. Among the solutions that they have studied, there is the establishment of a common liquidity. According to the president of the ARJEL, Jean-François Vilotte, and the member of the commission of Economic Affairs at the French Parliament, Damien Abad, France should bring major changes at the level of the legislation on online gambling, to be able to redress the situation.

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